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Ten years ago the start of our adventure at Marsa Alam began. Abu Dabbab Group is the mother company, specialized in snorkeling and diving boat trips.

Aqua Blue is our professional unit for snorkeling trips, sea trips and shore trips. We offer a wide variety of excursions starting from the marina’s of Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam or Hamata. Our range contains half day, full day or even overnight trips with different kind of activities. With us, every guest will find an excursion that suits his needs. With the experience we acquainted over the years, we can provide you the best service in order to make your excursions memorable.

Find Turtles & Dugongs

Time: From 09:00 till 17:00 daily

Discover the virgin bay of Abu Dabbab by sailing with a speed
boat during 1 or 2 hours trip and enjoy an unique snorkeling
experience with a great chance to meet the sea turtles and the
Dugong (sea cow) which are living in the bay of Abu Dabbab.


Time: From 16:30 till 21:30 every Thursday

Enjoy an exclusive sunset experience on the boat.You will leave from the Marine in Port Ghalib in the late afternoon. Start with a nice snorkelling trip in the wonderful coral garden of Marsa Mubarak Bay. Relax while watching the colorful sunset and enjoy our romantic luxury candle light dinner with a huge variety of sea food.


Time:From 16:00 till 16:00 next day – 24 hours, every Monday

Experience an overnight trip at sea. We will move from the marina of Port Ghalib in the late afternoon and head to Marsa Mubarak Bay, where you can snorkel among the colorful coral garden. You will enjoy the sunset from the boat followed by a delightful seafood dinner. You will sleep under the stars on the deck in sleeping bags and wake up early to see the sunrise.


Time: From 9:30 till 16:00 every Friday and Wednesday

Starting from Marsa Alam, this trip will take you to Shaab Samadai, the place for all dolphin lovers where you can have a close encounter with these beautiful creatures in their natural environment. Shaab Samadai is the home of many dolphins. You can spot them while snorkeling in two different places for about 45 minutes. In between there is time to rest and have some refreshing drinks and snacks on board.


Time: From 9:30 till 16:00 daily

A trip by car to the white sandy beach of Sharm El Luli. During snorkeling around the colorful coral reefs you will not only spot lots of clownfishes and big Napoleon fishes but also other exotic fish species. If you are lucky you can meet sea turtles there. After snorkeling, you will go to El Qulaan in Hamata for lunch and some sunbathing while enjoying the magical natural lagoon with its Mangrove Trees.

Coral Garden

(full day / every day)

A boat trip starting from Port Ghalib and heading to Marsa Mubarak, one of the most beautiful snorkeling and dive sites in the area of Marsa Alam. After exploring the magnificent underwater landscapes while snorkeling, you will move to Marsa Shoona. Here the warm and crystal clear water hosts a big variety of colorful fishes and you might even spot a dugong, one of the endangered species, that visits occasionally the sheltered bay to feed on seagrass.



Time: From 18:00 till 19:30 daily

Join us for a snorkeling adventure and discover the stunning reef of Abu Dabbab by night. After this extraordinary experience, have a delightful seafood dinner by candlelight on the beach while listening to some music.


(Marsa Alam)

Time: From 09:00 till 15:00 every Thursday

You have the chance to combine fishing & snorkeling in one trip. You will have 1 hour of trolling and 2 hours of fishing followed by 1 hour of snorkeling at one of the most beautiful coral reefs in this area. You can enjoy a tasty lunch on the boat while listening to the sound of the waves.


Time: From 17:30 till 19:30 daily

A unique opportunity to go outside Abu Dabbab by speedboat and catch your own fish for dinner. Returning to the beach, your fish will be cooked and served at our beach restaurant during a nice candlelight dinner. In case you didn’t catch any fish, don’t worry, you will have a nice seafood dinner anyway.


Time: From 9:30 till 16:00 every Saturday, Wednesday and Friday

Discover the untouched and natural beauty of Hamata National Park by boat. It is a full day sea trip including snorkeling around 3 islands (Siyul Island, Showarit and Um El Sheikh), take a walk on the white sandy beaches while watching the different kind of birds living on the islands and admire the marine life in the lagoons.


Time: From 09:30 till 16:00 every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday


Time:From 09:30 till 16:00 daily

A nice trip by boat that starts from Port Ghalib Marina. You will sail with one of our boats to Marsa Mubarak. This bay is considered as one of the most beautiful snorkeling and dive sites in the area of Marsa Alam. After exploring the protected bay with its colorful reefs and underwater landscapes, the guide will take you to Marsa Shoona where the warm and crystal clear water hosts a large variety of exotic fishes. If you are lucky, you might even spot a dugong (sea cow), occasionally visiting this sheltered bay to feed on seagrass.

Abu Dabbab Shore

(full day / half day)

Abu Dabbab, also known as Turtle Bay, is one of the most popular bays in the area of Marsa Alam. It is very famous for its sea turtles (from there the nickname), colorful corals and diverse fish species. You might even spot one of the dugongs (sea cows) living in the bay.