Sha’ab Sataya/Dolphin Reef

Close Encounters of the Dolphin Kind So you think you can dance with dolphins? Yes, you can, at Sha’ab Sataya, also known as the Dolphin Reef. This amazing reef provides a truly unique opportunity to observe dolphins and swim and dance with these graceful and intelligent friends in the wild. Sha’ab Sataya is part of […]

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Dolphin House National Park

The Dolphin House in the region of Marsa Alam is also known as Sha’ab Samadai. Snorkelers will just love it here! Come and enjoy the acrobatics of the bottlenose dolphins who reside at the Dolphin House. Dolphins are very funny and entertaining to watch! And you can even hear them communicate with each other under […]

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Snorkeling Under The Stars

As a guest of the Abu Dabbab Lodge, you have the amazing Abu Dabbab Beach on your doorstep. It’s within easy walking distance from the lodge. As a guest of the lodge you have free use of fins and masks to explore the two house reefs on the northern and southern side of Abu Dabbab […]

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Marsa Alam Trip from the 5th to the 9th of April

The Amazing Marsa Alam Easter Trip. Relaxation & Adventure! Abu Dabbab Group is happy and privileged to offer you once again our four-day trip to Marsa Alam by popular demand! Enjoy your Easter holidays at the fabulous Aba Dabbab Lodge in Marsa Alam and allow your family, friends and yourself an amazing treat! You will […]

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Make Your Destination A Journey To Remember

While you are crossing the Nile River, planning for your first dive or even looking for a new haven to travel to with your buddy; then you must be aware of what’s happening around and what are the latest events taking place worldwide to showcase Egypt’s beauty! Abu Dabbab Group is taking place in several […]

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