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Elphinstone Reef is located 12 km offshore and about 30 km from Marsa Alam. It is a cigar-shaped reef and is about 400 m long. Did you know that this reef was named after  Admiral George Elphinstone, a British commander who served in Egypt during the Napoleonic war in the begin of the 19th century.

Elphinstone Reef is famous for its sharks. It is one of the few places where you can encounter Oceanic Whitetip Sharks (Longimanus), mainly from October till December and Hammerhead Sharks. Next to these magnificent sea predators, you can also spot Manta Rays (mainly from May till August), Dolphins and Tiger Sharks as well as trevallies, barracudas and tunas. The underwater landscapes formed by a wide variety of colorful corals are also amazing to discover. All of this makes Elphinstone Reef one of the best dive sites of the Red Sea.

You can have 4 possible memorable dives at Elphinstone Reef:

You can make a nice drift dive at the Northern Plateau. Lots of soft colorful  corals, redtooth trigger fishes, giant trevallies, great barracudas and reef sharks are commonly seen during this dive.

Diving at the Southern Plateau will give you the opportunity to encounter Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, frequently curious at divers and often surprising them with a closer look. At the western side of this plateau, you will find a number of caves at a depth of 30 – 35 m and the infamous Elphinstone arch, a 10 m high tunnel connecting the western and the eastern side of the plateau.

The Eastern Wall offers awesome wall diving. These walls are covered with colored corals as far as the eye can reach and the fish population consists of barracudas, schools of jacks, angelfishes, snappers, Napoleon fishes and large tunas.

The Western Wall is steep and has lots of edges and caverns attracting titan trigger fishes, soldier fishes and squirrel fishes.

At Elphinstone Reef you can dive all year around from a depth of 5 m till 40 m with mostly a good visibility. You can make beautiful drift dives along deep steep walls. However currents can be very strong. That’s why divers must be in the possession of an Advanced Open Water Diver certificate and they should have at least 50 dives. Experience in drift diving, deep diving and rough sea conditions is a must.

If you read this till the end, it means that you are strongly thinking or that you already made up you mind to dive there. The best way to discover Elphinstone Reef is during a daily boat trip.

Are you ready??? Blue Ocean Diving Center is and awaits you.

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