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Marine Life in Red Sea

There are only a very few places on Earth comparing with the Red Sea when we are talking about marine biodiversity.

The Red Sea, especially the South part of the Red Sea is one of the richest marine ecosystems due to its coastal reef and also to the vast coral gardens and canyons.

The Red Sea’s underwater ecosystem is home for over 1.200 species of fish, some of these species not being found anywhere in the world. Great number of reefs, islands and coastal regions are protected areas and national parks. Here you can admire the spinner dolphins, dugongs, turtles, mantas and sharks.

Red Sea fish population is estimated to be around 800 species. The coral reefs with its colorful fish makes Red Sea one of the best attractions in the world.

The dolphins also attracts tourists to Egypt every year. There are eight species you can find in the Red Sea, but the most common one is Spinner Dolphin . The Spinner Dolphin can be found especially in Sammadai National Park and Satayah Reef. They are usually playful and even you can swim together, as long as you respect their space.

The dugong is considered an endangered species and lately they start to retreat from the Red Sea Coast because of tourism development. Dugongs spend most of their life in the shallow coastal areas grazing on sea grass beds. 

In the Red Sea you can find also four species of turtles: the green turtle, the hawksbill that nest and feed on the coast, the leatherback turtle and the olive-ridley turtle that prefers to stay away from the coast and it can be rarely seen.

The irresponsible coastal development of the Red Sea and actions such as pollution, irresponsible anchoring, high speed boats and jet-skis can destroy step by step the great ecosystem of the Red Sea.  

A healthy marine life of the Red Sea depends on us and how we use the resources we share with this environment.

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