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PRIVATE BOAT: departure from Port Ghalib (25 minutes from the hotel) by comfortable private boat. We’ll reach two beautiful and protected bays:  Marsa Mubarak and Marsa Shoona. There you can discover one of the nicest coral reef in the area. You will enjoy seafood for lunch and as snack fresh fruit, hot and cold soft drinks.

PRICE: 800 euro

Monday And Tuesday h 14:30

CHILL OUT: departure from Hamata, trip to visit the three islands, a beautiful reef in the open sea and to spend the sunset time and night at the beautiful Satayah reef, famous resting area for spinner dolphins. You will enjoy an early morning snorkeling along the beautiful reef with dolphins. During the trip you will have the chance to fish, dive and go snorkeling.

PRICE: 120 euro including snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, dinner, breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, snorkeling guide.

Special excursions

Thursday h 8:00:

FISHING AND SNORKELING: departure from Port of Marsa Alam, you will visit a fantastic reef and you will enjoy snorkeling over an old wreck, nice corals, and you will even have the chance to find dolphins there. You can also spend your time fishing, in the place there is a lot of groupers and barracudas.

PRICE:  60 euro including snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, lunch and soft drinks, guide in the boat. 12 pax minimum

Friday – 16:00 till 22:00

SUNSET MOOD: departure from Port Ghalib, after about 35 minutes you will arrive to Marsa Mubarak, where you will enjoy snorkeling at the sunset and a wonderful dinner on board: calamari, lobster and shrimps.

PRICE: 60 euro – 12 pax minimum

PRICES ARE NOT INCLUDING 13{cee67e38405f04475c15816e97ccc3f3c9d293e610f85b20e6f0261ca3a75355} VALUE-ADDED TAX WHICH WILL BE CHARGED AT PAYMENT TIME