Qul’an Trip

Qul’an Trip

Enjoy and Experience The Best of Two Worlds

Egypt has many wonderful monuments, created by men. The pyramids, the sphinx and the temples of Hatshepsut and at Luxor and Karnak speak volumes and are acknowledged all over the world as unique heritage.

Egypt also boasts many other treasures, created by nature. We are privileged to offer you an opportunity to let you enjoy and experience the best of two worlds.

The Qul’an Trip introduces you to two magic forests, one above the water and one under the water. You will be part of the best of two worlds during your Qul’an Experience.

Imagine yourself walking barefoot, gently splashing on the edge of a sheltered inland ‘branch’ of the Red Sea, having taking the shape of a deep blue ‘lake’. You are now far away from the maddening crowd and the sounds that come with working days. Imagine the sound of sheer silence or that of leaves, rustling in a gentle breeze.

If you can see and hear this imagination, you are in Qul’an Mangrove Forest. It is part of Wadi El Gamal, a protected area that is very rich in biological diversity. Qul’an is part of what feels like an oasis, including desert and marine habitats, creating an ecological symbiosis.

The Qul’an mangrove forest protects the shore against coastal waves, preventing land erosion. The mangroves of Qul’an are salt tolerant plants that grow in abundance in here. The magical forest here also provides shelter and nursery and nesting grounds for coastal birds. Imagine the sound of rare birds near the shallow ‘lake’, resting and absorbing the comfort of afternoon sunrays.

Qul’an’s unquestionable landmark is its majestic odd-shaped mangrove tree, towering above the salty ‘lake’, as if to safeguard the ecological environment with the Red Sea in the background.

The Qul’an mangrove forest is very photogenic and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the adjacent Red Sea.

Qul’an’s ‘lake’ is subject to tides since it has an narrow exit to the Red Sea. When the water has withdrawn during ebb, it exposes sandy beds with very tiny potholes through wich small crabs surface. If you’re lucky enough you may capture these remarkably fast creatures on camera.

The local Al Ababda tribe add to the bedouin flavor of Qul’an with their camp, lunch tent and shop. Here you can buy amazing handcraft or have ‘gabana’ coffee, freshly roasted in your presence in authentic ambiance.

Did we say ‘enjoy and experience the best of two worlds’? Yes, we did. Before we visit Qul’an and have a freshly prepared lunch buffet in the bedouin tent near the mangrove forest, we first take you on a trip to the white sands and fifty shades of blue of the waters of Ras Hankorab. This pristine spot is locally known as Sharm El Luli. This is where you put on your mask and fins and just walk into the water right from the stonefree beach. After two minutes of swimming in the company of your snorkeling guide, you are entering another world that looks like a magical underwater forest.

The coral formations at Sharm El Luli are truly fairytale stuff. The fishlife here is interesting with so many different species. The vibrant colors, shapes and sizes of dozens of different corals are just stunning. It is very encouraging Sharm El Luli hasn’t lost its charm. You just feel like drifting away and dream your own underwater dream. Again, the corals formations are just simply amazing. .

Once you’ve completed your magical underwater forest tour, you swim to the shore in the presence of your snorkeling guide and find some chillout time in the bedouin tent on the gorgeous white beach. Should you fance a souvenir, than you cannot miss out on the bedouin women selling traditional beads and necklaces.

At the end of the day you have enjoyed and experienced the best of both worlds, both above water and under water.