Snorkeling By Boat/Marsa Shoona

Snorkeling By Boat/Marsa Shoona

Marsa Shoona near Phort Ghalib in the Marsa Alam region is perfectly fit for snorkelers. The waters at Marsa Shoona are sheltered and calm and therefore not very demanding. It’s feels as if it is handmade for you to go out on the sea. Marsa Shoona is a fine spot for snorkeling.

It comprises an attractive reef, home to very colorful fish. Moray eels, sea turtles, lionfish and giant crabs really feel at home here. When you are lucky, you will even spot a dugong here!

People who have snorkeled here call Marsa Shoona a ‘cool place’. The waters at Marsa Shoona are not deep, so snorkelers can see aquatic wildlife from the surface.

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