Snorkeling Under The Stars

Snorkeling Under The Stars

As a guest of the Abu Dabbab Lodge, you have the amazing Abu Dabbab Beach on your doorstep. It’s within easy walking distance from the lodge. As a guest of the lodge you have free use of fins and masks to explore the two house reefs on the northern and southern side of Abu Dabbab Beach. You are of course also welcome to hover over the shallow sandy bottom between the two reefs to search for turtles.

You may have familiarized with the wonderful underwater world of Abu Dabbab Beach during the day. But what has it in store for you when the sun has set?

There’s something ‘magical and mysterious‘ about snorkeling after the sun has set in. It is as if the Red Sea changes into an entirely new world of flora and fauna.

Here at Abu Dabbab you can experience the thrill of marine life during night snorkeling. It doesn’t really matter what level of snorkeler you are. Abu Dabbab Beach provides instant excitement and instant surprises during night snorkeling.

Before you go into the water, make sure you rent a water resistant torch from the Blue Ocean diving center. As soon as you gently drift to one of the two house reefs, you’ll notice the difference with daily snorkeling. After the sun has set over Abu Dabbab Beach it looks as if the water has changed into different colors now that the sun rays are no longer reflecting on the water.

Night life changes spectacularly at Abu Dabbab Beach in the beam of your torch. Nocturnal fish, inactive during the day, come to life. Other fish retreat and retire in ‘sleeping mode’. The area lit by your light is limited and therefore you tend to be more attentive to detail. You will feel your pace under water will slow down during night snorkeling. You will experience that colors seem to be more vibrant.

When snorkeling under the stars at Abu Dabbab Beach, your underwater torch and its beam will reveal how fauna and flora look different from the day in color and shape. The Red Sea changes right under your eyes when you are snorkeling under the stars at Abu Dabbab Beach!